Important information for authors interested in participating in the Book Fair at the Dia de Portugal Festival. Please read this information carefully.

Application Deadline: April 15


Any author who is of Portuguese descent, or who has written a book about anything Portuguese, is eligible to sell their published works at the Dia de Portugal Festival.

Book Fair Area

Authors who wish to sell their published works will be located in the Book Fair area. On your application form, please indicate the titles of the books that you are bringing and how many pieces of each that you would like to bring. Remember that you will be sharing the space with many authors, so please be mindful of the limited space.

Participation in Parade

Participation in the Dia de Portugal Parade is not mandatory, though it is encouraged and appreciated. Please indicate on your application if you will be able to participate in the parade.


Set-up time for the Book Fair will be from 7 a.m.-9:30 a.m.. Placement in the book fair area will be assigned by the Dia de Portugal Committee. Everything must be ready by 10 a.m., the festival start time.

Participation Fee

Authors must pay a small fee of $25 for rental of half of an eight foot long table or $50 for a full table.

Book Fair Booth Request Form

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