Important information for groups and entertainers interested in participating in the Book Fair at the Dia de Portugal Festival. Please read this information carefully.

Application Deadline: May 20


Both non-profit and for-profit groups are eligible.

Temporary Food Permit

All food booths must obtain a Temporary Food Booth Permit from the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health, Consumer Protection Division. A health inspector will be inspecting your booth during the day of the event to ensure that you are following health regulations. All permits must be coordinated through the Food Booth Committee chairperson.

If your organization is new to the process, we will make arrangements with the county and assist you in the process of obtaining the permit. For more information on the requirements for a Temporary Food Booth Permit, please contact the Santa Clara County Consumer Protection Division at 408.918.3400 or see the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health Web portal.


Food booth groups may feature any kind of cuisine, but should coordinate with the Food Booth Committee to avoid duplication. Vendors must include their menu selection on their applications.

Food Preparation

The regulations about how to properly cook and handle food can be found at the Santa Clara County’s Consumer Protection Division.

Trash Removal

Food booths will be responsible for disposing of trash in public trash cans available in the food vendor area. A clean-up crew will periodically collect the trash during the day.

Set-up & take-down

Food booths set-up time is from 7 a.m.-9:30 a.m.. All vehicles must be off the park grounds by 9:30 a.m.. The area should be set-up and ready for health inspection by the festival start time of 10 a.m.. Take-down begins immediately at 6 p.m.. At the end of the festival, vendors should properly dispose of all trash.


Electrical outlets will be available; however, please indicate the types of equipment that you will be using so that we can ensure that there will be adequate voltage to your station.


Access to water and wash bins is not readily available. You will need to make arrangements for this in your food booth. We suggest that you bring portable water containers, soap, and a holding bucket to create a wash station.

Booth Arrangement

You will have a 10’x10′ food booth with two six-foot long tables and two chairs. Layout and booth location will be on assigned by the Dia de Portugal Committee.


Food booths are responsible for signage. You may want to bring extra signage or additional d├ęcor to add flavor and visibility to your booth.

Participation Fees

Food booths are charged $400 ($350 for non-profits) to cover the cost of booth rental, health permit fees, fire inspection fees, and electrical costs. Please make checks payable to “PHSC”.

Food Booth Request Form

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